Our Seven Values

Since I’m throwing the word “journalism” around, I ought to write down what that means here.
  1. Your time is precious, and I’d rather miss a month than put out something that has you say “well, that’s twenty minutes I won’t get back”. So we’ll be interesting.
  2. I want to find out things and let you know stuff – including checking facts and getting multiple sides of the story. In short, journalism, not activism.
  3. Let’s move the belief that other animals exist for their own reasons into our sphere of consensus. (In the same way that the New York Times moved women’s votes from legitimate controversy to consensus early last century. More on those spheres: On The Media: Is NPR biased?, Wikipedia: Hallin’s spheres.)
  4. We have a corrections process. If you think we’ve made a factual error and request a correction or a retraction, write to “corrections” at our domain, specifying what you think the error is, the true facts, and including or linking to reliable sources. Although I want this to be accurate and will prioritise those emails, this is a hobby and a reasonable time to investigate will depend on free time and be longer than for a paid publication. Any corrections and retractions will appear in the post, page, or programme containing the error.
  5. I’ll use the usual artifice of radio (eg internal edits and wildtracks) without deception.
  6. I’ll use the advantages of online – linking, attributing, and involving.
  7. Finally, I am the producer and reporter; co-hosts and special guests comment and analyse. If anything goes wrong, it is Ian’s fault.

About Ian

London. Formerly known as New Media. Vegan since 1992.

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