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Last week I was on 4thoughtTV for 1 minute and fifty seconds (sorry, embedding disabled).  The topic: “What will happen when the world ends?” with interviews leading up to the 21st of October when Harold Camping predicted the rapture.  My interview was supposed to air right before 8pm but I was bumped initially to 1:05 by a short documentary about a hippo carcass. Now, I don’t want to be speciesist but I fancied myself slightly more interesting than a dead hippo. Ultimately, the short documentary was replaced by breaking news about Gaddafi’s death, take that dead hippo!

I’m not posting this just to expand my multimedia empire but also because the clip does in fact have relevance to the way I view the world, through a vegan philosophy about a world filled with minds. Not going to spoil my short appearance for those of you who decide to watch but suffice to say that I for one will welcome our octopus overlords.

see?! vegans are shiny happy people

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Dr Diana Fleischman co-hosted the show in 2011 and 2012, supplying some American irreverence. Media appearances include discussing atheism on BBC TV's "The Big Questions" and her research on the BBC World Service. She lectures in comparative psychology (the evolution of the mind) at the University of Portsmouth.

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