Shot of the Olympic stadium

London Olympics

Athletes from across the world are coming to East London – where we produce the show – but what are the vegan perspectives on the Olympic games?

We talk to Sandra Hood, the Olympic torch bearer who wrote the book on raising vegan children; Ian visits the father and daughter who are supplying the Olympic games with the vegan option; find out what the staff in the nearest vegan cafe to the games think of it; and update you on the stories with a vegan perspective – Venus Williams, the Chinese volleyball team, and the Opening Ceremony. more

Pizza with three different vegan cheeses on it

Vegan Cheese: Casein, Casomorphins, and the Daiya Redwoods Vegusto Taste Test

How do they make vegan cheese that stretches and melts?

Why is cheese such a challenge for new vegans?

Can Ian convince anyone who makes cheese to share their secrets? What’s the past, present, and future of vegan cheese.

And if you brought together the leading vegan cheeses from Europe and the Americas – products that – like Redwoods Cheezly or Vegusto in Europe and Daiya in the Americas – aren’t even sold in the same country, who would win?