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Jeremy Hancock lends his voice to men arguing for (or against) vegetarianism in the west. You heard him as a range of characters, from Plato to Pythagoras, in episode three, and as a Greek ambassador to the Mauryan Indian empire in episode four. He’ll play a range of Roman and Greek thinkers in episode five.

As well as being a varied stage actor, he gets paid to play at being a dinosaur – as a puppeteer whose roles include a baby T-Rex (“Walking with Dinosaurs”) or Triceratops (“Dinosaur Zoo”). He also used to be the voice of the automated phone system for the UK train timetable. As such he inadvertently appeared in the investigative TV documentary “Dispatches” as the automated system that completely failed to understand Richard Wilson.

(For non-UK readers: Richard Wilson is most famous for playing a cantankerous old man in an iconic British sitcom. Which might be why he was chosen to present a documentary about the shortcomings of the UK train network. Sorry for indulging in a Brit reference.)

I usually run into Jeremy when he’s distributing outreach leaflets at my local Sunday market. He said:

My favourite character was probably Thomas Tryon [a diet guru we’ll meet in Ep 10], because who doesn’t love a bit of West Country accent and comedy timing?! I also really liked the Ovid stuff [end of Ep 3] as it seemed to be so pertinent and powerful.

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