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Live Vidchat “Ancient Ideas about Animals”. Sat 17th 🕙 PST 🕕 GMT

For the final vidchat we’re going right back to the beginning. James Serpell appeared in the first episode to talk about the ideas that hunter-gatherers hold about animals, including hints of guilt over killing them.

We’re also joined by Nicholas Baker-Brian, the historian of religion in the ancient world  who told us about the Manichaeans. Their lost order of the “elect” maintained a vegan diet and persisted throughout the middle ages.

Please ask your questions of them or me about the whole sweep of vegetarian history. This is the final vidchat, after which I’ll be close to putting the captsone on this project.

I’ll be monitoring Twitter & Google chat for questions. (Tag @VeganOption or use the #VegHist hashtag. Or just email me at firstname-at-domainname).

Backers have a VIP invite to join the chat and ask your question yourself. (If you’d like to do this, let me know in advance and I can do a technical test to ensure it’ll work.)

We’ll be live on YouTube on Sat 17th March, at 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm GMT. You can watch us at this link:

Live vidchat “The Church that Kickstarted Vegetarianism”

Our second vegetarian history live vidchat brings together two historians who covered the same movement from opposite ends, but have never talked before.
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Podcasters interview Ian about #VegHist

If you’re not yet tired of hearing me talk about vegetarian history, you can enjoy other show hosts interviewing me about it. It makes a refreshing change to me carefully scripting a deep dive into history.

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Video Trailer for #VegHist

Why you should hear the epic backstory to today’s vegan movement. Trailer (2 mins).

VegHist Ep 15: Liberation. Veganism, hippies, and the animal rights movement. With Sam Calvert and Maneka Gandhi; at London, Cambridge, and Bangalore

Crowd holding vegan banners

How has western vegetarianism risen, within living memory, from fringe to mainstream choice? And how has veganism gone from nowhere to everywhere?

Episode 15: Liberation

This final episode recounts the growth of veganism, vegetarianism, and the modern animal advocacy movement.

Ian treads in the footsteps of the handful of pioneers who set up the vegan movement in the 1940s, and meets a life vegan born in 1951.

He investigates the sixties counterculture that combined the philosophy of ethics, activism, and new ways of living and working, visiting one of Britain’s first vegetarian wholefood co-operatives.

And as vegetarian and vegan movements increasingly link up around the world, he looks at developments in China and India. In New Delhi, he meets the vegan politician who is also the most prominent animal advocate in the world’s largest democracy.

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