Diana with two vegan parents at VegfestUK

Born Vegan at Vegfest UK, with Ruby Roth, Mair Perkins, and a studio audience

We took the show on the road to VegfestUK to find out how vegan parents met the challenges of raising children vegan in a non-vegan world – such as what they told their children about how the rest of the world treats animals.

Ian talked to Mair Perkins – who featured in case studies of vegan babies last century – and to Ruby Roth, who has defended her children’s book “Vegan is Love” on US Networks from Fox to NBC.

And Diana talked with an adorable vegan family on their trip to VegfestUK Bristol. more

Couple, two children, and grandma

Born Vegan: from 1976 UK TV to the Hebrew Israelites, three very different vegan childhoods

What is it like to grow up vegan in a non-vegan world? We hear three stories of vegan childhood:
Rosemary- appeared as a baby on a BBC programme about veganism in 1976
Elishama – grew up in the Hebrew Israelites, a religious community trying to rebuild the lifestyle of Eden
Andrew – the son of veteran animal activists more

Rebel Poet: Benjamin Zephaniah discusses the life of Abul ʿala Al-Maʿarri (أبو العلاء المعري), the medieval Arab vegan philosopher poet

A thousand years ago, Al-Ma’arri was writing Arabic poems of extreme complexity, promoting a rational ideal and most remarkably, making an ethical case for veganism. We tell the story of his life in conversation with fellow vegan rebel poet Benjamin Zephaniah. more

Rebel Poet marches fourth

I will finish editing our next show – about rebel poet Al-Ma’arri, with Benjamin Zephaniah – this weekend. Other commitments intervened, and I’m sorry not to send it your way in February. Just a few more days to go.

Rebel Poet: What do you think of al-Ma’arri? [أبو العلاء المعري]

Our next show is going to be a contrast. It’s about a blind medieval middle eastern poet with an extraordinary personal philosophy and revolutionary poetic style. Contemporaries called him “the son of the sublime”. Whilst he strove to be a recluse, students and academics came from all over the Arab world to learn at his feet. Two centuries before Dante, he wrote an Arab Divine Comedy. Seven centuries before the Enlightenment, he promoted rationalism over revelation. And – why he’s so interesting to us – nine centuries before the word “vegan”, he refused to exploit other animals. Can you imagine what is was like to encourage others to renounce meat, dairy, and honey in eleventh century Syria?… more

Coming up in 2012

Happy New Year. We’re going to stick to our goal of a show a month, but first I wanted to let you know a bit of what we’re planning for 2012, and hear what you think. Plus, I wanted to gather some information; you might be exactly who we want to talk to for a show. Please email me directly, or leave comments at the bottom. Here are four of our planned shows.… more

Peace on Earth: will we ever have it? With Peter Singer and Gary Francione discussing Steven Pinker’s “The Better Angels of our Nature”

This season of peace and goodwill, in our special Christmas show, we ask whether there will ever be peace on Earth. Steven Pinker, author of “Better Angels of Our Nature”, says that human violence has decreased over the centuries, in some respects including violence to other animals. We talk to Professors Peter Singer and Gary Francione. more

Veganism in Politics: The British Parliament Debates World Vegan Day

At the end of our last episode, Kerry McCarthy MP said she’d asked for a debate in Parliament to mark World Vegan Day.

She was successful, and at the end of business on November 1st the House of Commons debated veganism. I was watching from the gallery.

In this episode, concluding our series of three about veganism in politics, we give our account of the debate. We explain what’s going on, who everyone is, and tell you which of the MPs who spoke against is officially the least sexy Member of Parliament. more