Postcard, 1934

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Both sides of a written postcard, in German

An Edener begs socialist vegetarian intellectual Magnus Schwantje not to send books that would get them into trouble with the Nazis


Dear friend,

the generous comrade who is willing to store the books is just coming. He won’t do so unless first you give an explicit written declaration that there are no books which under the current circumstances right now could be queried by the authorities. We too – not only you – would burden ourselves with a severe guilt if we cause the comrade trouble. So we must ask you to be absolutely clear about this issue before you send anything here. You know, these days everyone’s being watched closely in Eden too, because each one of us has his own character/style/personality/account. Obviously, the comrade cannot guarantee the safety of the books.

If all these conditions are given, only then may you give the order to the IVG for the transport by the car that goes to Eden. Since the storage must be in an attic, due to the narrow stairs, the boxes must not be broader than 70 centimetres.

Kind regards/Love

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