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Cats: Ethics. With Erin Red, Evolution Diet’s Eric Weisman, and vets Lorelei Wakefield, Andrew Knight, and Jean Hofve

Erin Red joins Ian McDonald as they investigate what vegans should feed cats, respond to listener comments, and discuss the ethical conflict between our cats and the animals they’d very much like to eat. Ian McDonald interviews Eric Weisman, the controversial boss of Evolution Diet pet food. more

Listen to the show! (pic: Tortoiseshell cat)

Cats: Can they be vegan? With vets Lorelei Wakefield, Andrew Knight, and Jean Hofve; and special guest Erin Red

Three experienced veterinarians with experience of vegan cats say whether and why they think cats can thrive on a vegan diet.

Jean Hovfe argues – out of bitter experience – that cats need meet.

Andrew Knight advocates a vegan diet for cats – if you do it right.

Only Lorelei Wakefield has published a peer-reviewed study to try to discover who is right.

Hear them all discuss if cats have a vegan option. more