What should I ask the vegan MPs?

On Monday I head over to Westminster to meet the three vegan Members of the British Parliament.  What do you think I should ask them?

Say in replies to this post, or with the hashtag #VeganMPs on Twitter.

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6 responses to “What should I ask the vegan MPs?”

  1. treaclemine says :

    What are you happy to do to help the vegan movement in the UK grow stronger?

  2. StevieP says :

    What percentage of the House do you think are sympathetic to veganism and what are hostile? Are some parties more polarised than others?

    I’m aware that when speaking out against animal cruelty, ones voice can carry less weight if one is know to be vegan (“Well, you’re vegan – you would say that!”). Do you think it is better than sympathetic non-vegans lead debates in issues that are of concern to vegans? Or is this not an issue in the house’s enlightened debating style?

  3. Pourquoi non? says :

    If we strip off the tag “vegan”, which might carry a hippie/New Agey stigma for many, how many MPs/Lords are ready to put aside their own personal food preferences to prioritise a plant-based diet for its beneficial energy related and environmental aspects alone? Does that argument wash with them?

    What proportion of the MPs are biased against a plant-based diet despite the benefits because of meat farming or industry based sponsorship, or other financial interests? Does the meat industry buy support in the House of Parliament? If so, who?

    How can we bring about a national recognisable vegetarian/vegan etc food labelling standard?

    What would it take to achieve and how far away are we from having partial human-like legal rights for animals as in other countries?

    Given the increasing rates of obesity, its inherent health problems and cost to society, when can we look forward to cigarette-type healthy warnings on junk foods like McDonalds, KFC etc?

    Lastly, what vegan options are there served at the House of Parliament, and are they any good? Is Monday meet free there?

  4. Ian says :

    Thank you for your questions: I’m looking forward to asking some of them. Can I ask where you are from? And also, just in case it’s not obvious, how to pronounce your names?

  5. Garrett Mize says :

    Hope I’m not too late.

    I’m wondering what they envision about integrating veganism and animal rights into the mainstream progressive movement. Do they think it will happen soon? Do they think it will happen quickly? Is it necessary that animal rights become the next social justice cause of the left in order to be fully realized?


    Garrett Mize
    Austin, TX

  6. Ian says :

    Hi Garrat,

    I’ve got back from Westminister – so you are, sadly, too late.

    I’m going to close this post to comments so that I’m not inviting anyone else to add questions we won’t use. So thank you to everyone for your ideas – I did put some of them to the biggest vegan caucus in the world :). I look forward to letting you know what they said on World Vegan Day.