Diana on UK TV

Diana, photographed on the TV, with her name in the TV caption

Last Sunday and next Sunday, I’m appearing on “The Big Questions”, a BBC TV show where the audience discuss the big ethical issues of the day. In this case, whether we should all repent now it’s 2012 (of great interest to Jordan Wyatt), and if there is any evidence for God.

Not only do I further expand my multimedia empire, but I do manage to sneak in a less human-centric world view – explaining the evolutionary origins of altruism and how many other animals including ants have a code of conduct that can be described as altruistic.

If you’re in the UK, you can catch me on BBC iPlayer for 7 days after broadcast. The shows are an hour long. You can (until Sunday morning) see me in the last 10 minutes of the first show, but I don’t yet know how I’ve been edited for the show this Sunday (the 15th).

But I must say, competing with everyone on “The Big Questions” isn’t as hard discussing the topic of upcoming shows with Ian!

3 responses to “Diana on UK TV”

  1. Stephen Fenwick-Paul says :

    I see from the BCC website the topic was very narrow:

    “Nicky Campbell debates evidence for the existence of God in Warrington.”

    If he is there I hope he doesn’t spread.

  2. Kirly-Sue says :

    I am a vegan blogger, cook and author and would live to have a chat with you some time

    Soooo pleased to see veganism in the media

    Kind regards


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