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Happy New Year. We’re going to stick to our goal of a show a month, but first I wanted to let you know a bit of what we’re planning for 2012, and hear what you think.

Plus, I wanted to gather some information; you might be exactly who we want to talk to for a show.

Please email me directly, or leave comments at the bottom. Here are four of our planned shows.


Let’s look at how web 2.0 has transformed the movement, bringing us together and making it easier to share information and inspiration – such as The Vegan Option. So what are your favourite apps and websites?

Because Diana and I have iPhones, I’d really like to hear from people who have Android, Windows, or Symbian smartphones: what are your favourite apps?

And if you think the information age has been bad the for the movement, say so too.


Going back to The Pledge and talk about the challenges activists face when they organise the vegan pledge and support people to go vegan for a month. What would you like to find out from those activists?


I’d really like to talk to someone who is planning to set up a vegan restaurant, to find out you think you need to know – and what advice experienced restaurateurs have for you. So please let me know if you’re planning to set up a restaurant.

And we’ll talk to experienced restaurateurs and find out about their advice and experiences.


Does vegan stuff cost more? Are we buying products sold at a premium, or reaping the benefits of needing less water and land? I’d really like to know, particularly if you’re outside the UK and US. In India, for example, are things more expensive with the red dot or the green dot?

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