London Olympics: hunting vegan food

Listener Helen Louise is going to the Paralympics – which take place two weeks after the Olympics – and wants to know what the vegan options have been at the games.

Vegan spectators have shared their successes and failures at finding vegan food with the world on social media – and with us directly.

So here is the story of vegan food at the Olympics, as heard in our third and final Olympics show, told via Twitter. more

London Olympics: Closing Update with Vx, Animals in the Opening Ceremony, and Vegan Food

London Olympics: Closing Update As the athletes celebrate their victories and defeats, and the Spice Girls rock the closing ceremony, we look back over the Olympics and update you on the vegan stories behind the games. This show: We catch up with the vegan stories behind the Olympics, like Sandra Hood, Pogocafe, and Frys Ian updates you on the use of animals in the Opening Ceremony Rudy tells us who’s been coming to Vx, the little vegan shop that was braced for a difficult Olympics We sum up the experience of vegans looking for food at the Olympic Venues (15 min) Play or download (14MB MP3) (other formats) (via iTunes)… more

Vegan Olympians: Too Good to Check?

At The Vegan Option, I’ve try to get facts right – and that includes talking about vegan Olympians in our shows about the Olympics. Where I could, I checked with the athletes themselves.

Over the course of the Olympic sites including EcoRazzi, VegNews, FourGreenSteps, and BigCityVegan have posted lists of vegetarian and vegan athletes and Olympians. I’d be happy to hear references that show otherwise, but putting them on a list could be confusing. I’m particularly proud that one of our listeners, Marcus Dredge, joined in the fact-checking. more

London Olympics: interview with Kara Lang, vegan Olympian, Canada soccer team

Kara Lang holds the record as the youngest woman ever to score a goal in international soccer – but her passions also include vegan cupcakes.

Now retired from football, she took time out from her busy schedule as part of Canadian station CTV’s Olympic team to talk to me about her story, touring, and the vegan mentor she improbably found in her own national squad. more

Is cheese really addictive?

In our Cheese show we considered the suggestion from tPhysicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) President Neal Barnard that dairy cheese is addictive.

I looked into the references from Dr Barnard’s book that PCRM was kind enough to send. But the analysis I offered in the show made a case that the idea that cheese is addictive is at best overstated and at worst wrong. more