London Olympics: interview with Kara Lang, vegan Olympian, Canada soccer team

Kara Lang

Kara Lang, Vegan Olympian

Kara Lang  holds the record as the youngest woman ever to score a goal in international soccer – but her passions also include vegan cupcakes.

Now retired from football, she took time out from her busy schedule as part of Canadian station CTV’s Olympic team to talk to me about her story, touring, and the vegan mentor she improbably found in her own national squad.

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Kara Lang

You can find Kara Lang at: interviewed her about her retirement from football.

London Places

Lara mentioned fellow Canadian Ms Cupcake and vegan shop Vx.

Amy Walsh

Amy was that vegan mentor. You can find her at:


Our thanks go to Robb Masters for the music, and to Kara Lang for her time. Where we recorded turned out to be under a busy flight path, so there’s a bit of non-Olympic background noise.

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