Ask The Vegan Option?

Last World Vegan Day we brought the world’s vegan lawmakers together – putting questions from Dennis Kucinich and Maneka Gandhi to the three vegan members of the UK Parliament. So what shall we do on WVD 2012? Let’s give you the chance to ask us some questions. We’re considering doing a call-in show.… more

Statements on Olympics Opening Ceremony Animals

In the Olympics shows, we talked about the use of animals in the opening ceremony and when the decision to use them was made. I promised to blog about the responses I’ve had from both LOCOG (the London Games organisers) and the RSPCA (a venerable animal welfare group whose consultancy advised LOCOG on the use of animals).… more vegan athlete Sarah Stewart

She’s competing in her third Paralympics with the Australian Gliders, has already won bronze and silver, is doing a PhD in philosophy, and is vegan. Aussie listener Lisa Green commented on the Vegan Option Facebook page that she was watching Sarah’s team with a roomful of cheering vegans. The Gliders soundly defeated TeamGM, and the next game is this evening, at 18:30 UK time, 17:30 GMT. Whereever you are in the world, you can watch the games at Sarah is number 13.