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  1. Jason (reply)

    July 20, 2013 at 19:29

    Hi Ian,

    I discovered your podcast this week and thoroughly enjoyed this examination of science fiction from a vegan perspective. I remember Dr Who getting terribly excited about a fish finger sandwich not so long ago, in the episode where he met Miss Pond, and then in an episode hence, getting terribly upset about the enslavement of a giant whale, used as a big spaceship (or something).

    Another example of superior beings having ethical blindspots and inconsistencies is in the remake of ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, that I’m currently half-watching on Film Four (it’s on mute at this moment because it’s quite rubbish but I have it to thank for reminding me to write to you). The alien (Keanu Reeves) condemns humanity for its destructive ways, seemingly unswerving in his intention to blast us away for our own good, minutes after opting to eat a tuna sandwich from a vending machine.

    This elevated, supreme being is only concerned when humans are destructive toward each other, but isn’t too bothered about the suffering of non-human life to satisfy his supreme tummy. I also find myself remembering scenes from Babylon 5 where crew eat meat and go misty-eyed as they remark about meat eating back home on Earth. I’m glad you found more positive examples for your podcast.

    I’ve often thought how odd it is that science fiction writers can look ahead to a time of peace, where we’re no longer ravaging the Earth and blowing each other up over perceived differences, but where we’re still cutting animals into pieces because we like the taste of them.

    Thanks again for the podcast; I’m very much enjoying working my way through the archives. Keep up the good work – it’s very much appreciated.

  2. Ian McDonald (reply)

    July 28, 2013 at 10:49

    Thanks for taking the time to comment – it’s heartening to know you liked it and are working your way through the archive. (If you have iTunes or another podcatcher, you should be able to download them all at once.)

    I came across lots of times when science fiction writers share the assumptions and inconsistencies of society at large. And these are a bit more glaring if you don’t share those assumptions … but you’re reading about a character from a different planet who inexplicably does.

    I suspect there are lots of people who would enjoy The Vegan Option if they heard about it, so please consider spreading the word and reviewing the show on iTunes (or whatever you use)!

  3. Jessica @Vegbooks (reply)

    August 11, 2013 at 21:49

    I’m not a sci-fi fan myself, but was really taken by Rise of the Planet of the Apes because of the very themes you discuss in this podcast.

    My kiddo and I also enjoyed reading The Chicken Gave It to Me recently, which might appeal to some fans of the sci-fi classics you and your guests discuss. For Carolyn Mullin’s insightful review on Vegbooks, point your browser here – http://vegbooks.org/index.php/2010/05/04/the-chicken-gave-it-to-me/

    Also, I don’t think it’s giving too much away to alert your readers that Dave Loves Chickens [https://www.facebook.com/daveloveschickens] will present similar themes to younger readers and is certain to delight vegan families. We’ll post a review on Vegbooks shortly before the book’s publication.

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  5. veronique2 (reply)

    October 15, 2013 at 07:25

    Hi Ian, for your information, my blog “A Vegan’s View of Star Trek” has moved to a new platform. Here is the new link so your readers can find it. http://thevegancommunicator.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/a-vegans-view-of-star-trek/

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