Coming to VegFestUK London

On Oct 5, The Vegan Option is opening the main stage at the first ever VegFestUK London!

The next episode, about finding witty and friendly answers to the questions vegans keep getting asked, is going to be recorded in front of a live audience at the biggest vegan festival in Europe. If you are in the vicinity then please come!


In May, vegans at VegFestUK Bristol told me about the weird and wonderful questions that non-vegans asked them. (If you’re vegan, please add your favourites in the comments below!)

I’m going to put those questions to a panel of comics and commentators:

This is at noon on Saturday Oct 5, at the main performance stage. There will be some audience participation, so you might end up in the show!

There is an awful lot else going on at VegFestUK – including Citizen Radio’s Jamie Kilstein, Kerry McCarthy MP, and John Robb’s band Goldblade – so it’s well worth coming. You can buy cheap advance tickets for the festival online.

I’m also going to host a discussion about vegan independent media – including bloggers, podcasters and YouTube stars – at 6pm the same day in the workshop space.  If you make content, it’ll be a great chance to network and share info.  If you consume content, it’ll be a peek behind the scenes. And if you’re interested in getting started, it’ll be a great place to learn.

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I'm a British new media person with a passion for radio, and interested in the kind of stories best told when we see humans as part of the world of animal minds. I blogged about why I'm producing The Vegan Option.

4 responses to “Coming to VegFestUK London”

  1. Avatar for Ian McD
    Imogen Michel says :

    Looking forward to it!

    One of the most recent strange questions I’ve been asked by a non-vegan is whether I eat bread, not for the usual gluten-free/vegan confusion, but because apparently in some people’s minds, yeast is an animal.

    • Avatar for Ian McD
      Tanya&Dawn (@ProgressKitch) says :

      Or mushrooms! I’ve heard (otherwise intelligent, educated) people try to argue that yeast and mushrooms are animals… but… fish and shellfish are somehow, the argument goes, not.

      PTHTHTHPPPPT, omnis are weird!

      OH I DO WISH I COULD ATTEND THIS EVENT! sigh… Are there rules about people joining in via Skype?! 😉

      • Avatar for Ian McD
        Ian McDonald says :

        Alas, the stage does not have internet access :(. (I could have tried to connect via mobiles, but that risks both signal failure and audio interference; and it’s going to be a busy hour.)

        BTW, I’m assuming this is Tanya rather than than Dawn?

  2. Avatar for Ian McD
    Tanya&Dawn (@ProgressKitch) says :

    Yep, Tanya for now… tell organizers there’s a crisp fiver in it for them if they make it Skype-participant friendly for next year! … I shall go and hold my breath now, until they comply. 😉

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