The Missing Episode

A dapper man in a waistcoat looks like he is about to press a button. Four other people sit behind desks watching him. In the foreground, an audience pays rapt attention.

The panel at VegFestUK was really funny. It was good to work with Diana again, and I’m very grateful to the panellists (Chris Stokes, Michael Legge, and John Robb) for taking part, as well as to Patrik Baboumian and Kerry McCarthy for letting me drag them into the show. It’s a pleasure to hear you laugh at the jokes when I’m actually there to witness it.

Annoyingly, both the main and backup recordings failed. So if you managed to catch the episode live in London, your memory is the only place it lives. (That, and a recording of my chat with Kerry McCarthy that her friend Richard recorded.) I hope to return to the idea.

Listener Gregor Hutton tried to put a positive spin on things in a Facebook comment:

Now the VO is truly a cult show. Every cult show has missing episodes!

Five people in front of the performance stage timetable

(L to R) John Robb, Chris Stokes, Ian, Diana, and Michael Legge

(pics by Andy Nightingale)

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  1. Imogen Michel says :

    What a shame! I hope you’ll get a chance to record it again, as I could only stay for the first half but I really enjoyed it.

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