Vegan Politicians: Kerry McCarthy MP on Brexit

As the British public make their biggest decision in a generation, Ian asks Kerry McCarthy MP about the potential impact of Brexit on animals.

Vegan MP on EU Referendum

In this special short extra edition of the Vegan Option, Ian catches up with longstanding vegan MP, and main official opposition spokeswoman on farming and the environment, Kerry McCarthy. How does she think animals would vote? (And, for that matter, how will Ian?)

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I compiled the thoughts of ten EU immigrant vegans for a post on my friend Sean’s blog, Fat Gay Vegan.

I also mentioned the UK Government’s recent proposal (now withdrawn) to make the poultry industry self-regulating.

Party Spokeswomen and man on Brexit:

Podcaster and YouTuber VeganTrix (SoundCloud) filmed Kerry McCarthy’s full talk to VegFestUK [since deleted from YouTube]. It’s an hour long and very interesting, with a bit of gossip about life as a vegan MP. Plus, I’m in it. An audio-only version will be up soon.

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Music by Robb Masters. Interview recorded at VegFestUK Bristol.

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