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Indian listeners might recognise the voice behind Mohandas in episode 13 onwards. Harish Bhimani narrated the 1988-90 Indian TV adaption of “Mahabharata”, amongst many other roles. He’s one of India’s best-known voice over actors, and I’m very happy that he’s lending his talents to the story of vegetarianism.

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I'm a British new media person with a passion for radio, and interested in the kind of stories best told when we see humans as part of the world of animal minds. I blogged about why I'm producing The Vegan Option.

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    Ram Srinivasan says :

    Ian: Excellent research and presentation of Vegan topics. We were South Indian vegetarians, but recently we have become vegans, and we already see the effects. We lost weight and feel very healthy.
    Both my wife and I are listening to all the 15 episodes. I just recently found this site.
    Kudos to you and your work. We really thank you and your team from the bottom of our heart for spending your valuable time in spreading this great message, and this will definitely decrease cruelty to poor animals. Your podcasts will also draw more and more meat-eaters into vegetarianism, and to veganism.
    Keep up the good work. Thank yo very much.
    Ram and Suseela Srinivasan

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