The Vegan Option is great public radio that just happens to be vegan.

Shows are short (20-30 mins), and find the multiple voices that can really address the issue.

Veganism in politics? Ian interviews the three vegan members of the UK Parliament – most of the world’s vegan lawmakers – together. What to feed cats? Let’s get hold of the vets who have done the research. An obscure (to the west) medieval Arab poet? Talk to the leading vegan poet of the twenty-first century, Benjamin Zephaniah.

And the show doesn’t ask for much of your time – just 20-30 minutes a month. If you’re already in the habit of listening to podcasts, please subscribe today. If not, the “Help” menu has links that explain how you can get your favourite broadcast and independent radio programmes to listen to at your convenience.

There are many ways to listen: Download us to your portable music player or play this out on your computer. Listen whilst you’re doing chores.

Please take The Vegan Option.

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  1. Yup, that really is my email address. (reply)

    May 11, 2015 at 10:31

    Hi. I cannot find your contact page or email … perhaps that is intentional?

    I’ve tried to work out the latest news on your history documentary and any reference to Japan … does it exist on your radar?

    1,000 vegetarian history by 3 Imperial edicts, the influence of Chinese vegetarian Buddhism but the modification and manipulation of it, 400 year old vegetarian restaurants (in Kyoto) and an exquisite primarily vegan temple cuisine, the re-writing of its society’s diet by American imperialists (statue to first cow slaughtered for meat for the ambassador in 1870s) and then, right up to date, a huge influence on the developing wholefood/veg*n world in the West post 1960s via macrobiotics.

    I cannot see it on what I can see of your schedule.

    Of course, the real story is not as simple as it might look on the surface, and the Japanese culture/experience/geographies throws up challenges that make us question elements of Western veganism, but surely what is, I believe, the oldest existing vegetarian restaurant deserves some credit?

    • Ian McDonald (reply)

      May 14, 2015 at 11:48

      If you pick “About -> Ian” on the menu, you’ll get to a page with my email address.

      Yes, Japan is on my radar; I’ll talk about it at the same tie as Chinese Buddhist vegetarianism. I don’t remember hearing of either the Shimodo temple or the Kyoto restaurants though, so I’ll look into those. (The latter don’t seem to be in Happy Cow, as far as I can tell.)

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