Diana with two vegan parents at VegfestUK

Born Vegan at Vegfest UK, with Ruby Roth, Mair Perkins, and a studio audience

We took the show on the road to VegfestUK to find out how vegan parents met the challenges of raising children vegan in a non-vegan world – such as what they told their children about how the rest of the world treats animals.

Ian talked to Mair Perkins – who featured in case studies of vegan babies last century – and to Ruby Roth, who has defended her children’s book “Vegan is Love” on US Networks from Fox to NBC.

And Diana talked with an adorable vegan family on their trip to VegfestUK Bristol. more

Couple, two children, and grandma

Born Vegan: from 1976 UK TV to the Hebrew Israelites, three very different vegan childhoods

What is it like to grow up vegan in a non-vegan world? We hear three stories of vegan childhood:
Rosemary- appeared as a baby on a BBC programme about veganism in 1976
Elishama – grew up in the Hebrew Israelites, a religious community trying to rebuild the lifestyle of Eden
Andrew – the son of veteran animal activists more