Technical Difficulties

I will return your usual website as quickly as I can rebuild it. My plan is to restore the overall shape of the website. Then I’ll restore all the 2016+ content (mainly #VegHist) in chronological order, which also means it’ll turn up again in the podcast feeds that the site drives. Finally I’ll go back to the beginning, including restoring season 1 to the podcast feed. I expect this to do this a bit at a time over a couple of months. In the meanwhile, all 2013+ episodes of The Vegan Option, including “Vegetarianism: The Story So Far” are available on SoundCloud and YouTube.

History & Reach – Plans for 2014

At the start of 2012 and 2013, I wrote reviewing the year and asking about your ideas for the next. I’m doing this again. Thanks to listeners like you spreading the word, more people have heard about The Vegan Option and are enjoying its unique combination of animal ethics and quality radio. I now have one main objective for 2014. I’m going to make an audio history of the idea that it’s wrong to use animals as food. I’m taking a sabbatical to do so. I’m going to run a fundraising campaign. And I’m going to make the radio series so good that people will go back to it for decades.… more

Diana, photographed on the TV, with her name in the TV caption

Diana on UK TV

Last Sunday and next Sunday, I’m appearing on “The Big Questions”, a BBC TV show where the audience discuss the big ethical issues of the day. In this case, whether we should all repent now it’s 2012 (of great interest to Jordan Wyatt), and if there is any evidence for God.… more

A very small sneak peek.

This is a small introductory snippet to let folk who get our podcast in iTunes or other podcast readers check that it’s working – and the first hint of our theme tune.

About Diana (co-host 2011-12)

Before I thought seriously about animal interests I can honestly say that I was an offensive and inconsiderate omnivore. I ate bloody meat, made jokes about eating every animal I saw and loudly proclaimed about the deliciousness of the carcass I was eating in front of my vegetarian friends. My war-hero grandfather, to whom I was very close, was a dairy farmer in the fifties and his family were horse traders. Also, I was an incredibly picky eater and barely ate vegetables or fruit. That’s part of why I feel like I have such a window into the psyche of those who are most dismissive of veganism and really understand where defensiveness both about the sentience of nonhuman animals and drastic changes in diet comes from. And yes, I’m aware my name roughly translates into “huntress meatman”.… more