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I will return your usual website as quickly as I can rebuild it. My plan is to restore the overall shape of the website. Then I’ll restore all the 2016+ content (mainly #VegHist) in chronological order, which also means it’ll turn up again in the podcast feeds that the site drives. Finally I’ll go back to the beginning, including restoring season 1 to the podcast feed. I expect this to do this a bit at a time over a couple of months. In the meanwhile, all 2013+ episodes of The Vegan Option, including “Vegetarianism: The Story So Far” are available on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Read transcript of Ep 15: Liberation

Follow this link to hear the episode & read the show notes. Transcription by Amy Carpenter. [Car horn. White noise from distant traffic etc.] Ian: We’re in the middle of London within sight of the British Museum, just next to a glass, stone and concrete office block. And carved into its wall there’s a tribute to the “Women’s Freedom League”, worked for equality between men and women from its headquarters on this site.… more

VegHist Ep 15: Liberation. Veganism, hippies, and the animal rights movement

How has western vegetarianism risen, within living memory, from fringe to mainstream choice? And how has veganism gone from nowhere to everywhere? Episode 15: Liberation This final episode recounts the growth of veganism, vegetarianism, and the modern animal advocacy movement. Ian treads in the footsteps of the handful of pioneers who set up the vegan movement in the 1940s, and meets a life vegan born in 1951. He investigates the sixties counterculture that combined the philosophy of ethics, activism, and new ways of living and working, visiting one of Britain’s first vegetarian wholefood co-operatives. And as vegetarian and vegan movements increasingly link up around the world, he looks at developments in China and India. In New Delhi, he meets the vegan politician who is also the most prominent animal advocate in the world’s largest democracy.… more

Read transcript of Ep 14: Diet Reform

Follow this link to hear the episode & read the show notes. Transcription by Amy Carpenter. [Traffic noise. Rustling sounds. Voices.] Ian: I’m at my local health food shop in East London, surrounded by a cornucopia of modern vegan sausages and burgers, and mock-meats of every mock-animal. Not to mention supermarket staples, like peanut butter, almond butter, and breakfast cereal.… more

Victorian vegetarian meal

VegHist Ep 14: Diet Reform. Consumerism, Lebensreform, and Gandhi

In the nineteenth century, in America and Germany, new forms of vegetarianism emerge – from the individualistic consumer vegetarianism of America, to the back-to-nature European “life reform” movement. Episode 14: Diet Reform As animal agriculture industrialises and meat consumption rises, the ways that food reformers respond are familiar to people today – the plant-based meat, the celebrity athletes, and the reformers who worship nature, sunshine, and fresh air. Ian goes to the shops to discover just how many vegetarian staples he owes to pioneers like John Harvey Kellogg. In Sabarmati, northwest India, he visits the Ashram of Mahatma Mohandas K Gandhi. Play or download (62MB MP3 44min) (via iTunes) or read transcript… more